George Soros Begins New Political Investments

George Soros disappeared from the political donation scene after playing a big role in political donations during the election cycle of 2004. Soros was a prominent and powerful political force that year, with a combined donation of $27 million dollars. After those attempts failed, he scaled back his political donations and activity, focussing on his personal and business interests. He described the 2004 year of giving as “an exception”.

He returned in full force in 2014 for the 2016 election cycle. Soros supported Hillary Clinton and other Democratic causes with donations totaling close to $25 million dollars. His re-emergence into politics began with his desire to see Clinton elected as President, but even more important, his desire to see the defeat of Donald Trump. In the past, Soros said Donald Trump is “doing the work of ISIS”.

His donations were sprinkled around the country for different causes. He donated $7 million to a PAC called Priorities USA Action. The PAC, which was a staunch supporter of Clinton, may receive another $3 million from George Soros. He donated $2 million dollars to 21st Century Bridges, a PAC dedicated to defeating Republicans and conservative initiatives. Additionally, Soros gave $700,000 to a variety of smaller causes and Democratic PACs and committees.

He donated $5 million to Immigrant Voters Win, a PAC focusing on increasing Hispanic voters in swing states. During 2016 George Soros also committed himself to other donations to Voting Rights Trust, America Votes, Senate Majority PAC, and Planned Parenthood Votes.

Soros is a leader in the circles of high donors, and his willingness to give large sums of money is seen as a signal for other liberal benefactors. Democrats and leaders of liberal causes are hoping his contributions will snowball into gifts from other high dollar donors.

He donated similarly throughout 2004, giving $27 million to John Kerry and a group of organizations that supported him. His donation strategy is clear, he doesn’t place all of his support in one group. He spreads his support among many groups in order to increase the Democratic influence across socio-economic borders.

Besides his contributions to politics, Soros has also given generously to non-political and social causes. His contributions to these causes dwarf his political donations. In the past three decades, he had donated $13 billion dollars around the world to non-political groups. These groups are dedicated to various causes, including increasing democracy in Eastern Europe, expanding healthcare and education, and defending human rights.

Soros funds his political campaigns with his earnings from a $25 billion dollar investment empire he built from the ground up. The 86-year-old Hungarian-born investor was raised in Hungary by wealthy parents. His wealth, however, wasn’t a shield from the atrocities of World War II, and he saw plenty of hardship as a child.

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Mike Baur Starting a Company

Millions of people today have a dream of starting their own business. There are a variety of reasons for this, ranging from the opportunity to make money to the freedom that it gives. However, few people understand how to take a new business idea and turn it into something that can actually make money. Over the long term, Mike Baur has started a variety of companies that have had long term success. If you want to learn from someone who has had success, he is the perfect person to go to.

Read more about his interview on

Mike Baur


From the time he was in school, Mike Baur has always wanted to own his own business. He is not someone who likes to follow the rules, and he likes to work for himself. Although he has had a lot of financial success, he feels like the freedom that his business affords him is much more important. He now has the time to spent with his family that he did not have before. If you want to learn from someone who has had success in this area, Mike Baur is a great person to learn from. Mike Baur knows the steps that you need to take in order to have success in this area, and he will continue to help you in a variety of ways.




One of the biggest obstacles in starting a business is capital. Few people understand how much capital it really takes to get going. Over the long term, Mike Baur has proven that he can scale up a business from the ground up without a lot of issues. He understands where to invest limited capital in order to get the best return on investment. If you understand this important part of his lessons, you will do well on your own in the world of business. Mike Baur can help you in a variety of ways.


Final Thoughts


Over the long term, Mike Baur has done a great job in the world of business. Not only has he helped others, but he has started successful companies of his own. If you want to learn from someone who has done this the right way, Mike Baur is the perfect person.


NYC Apartments For Sale For Young Buyers


The NYC apartments for rent that people want the most are the ones that they are using because they have the modern touches that they were looking for. The places that people want to live are the ones that make them feel the most like they are in the city. They have an idea of how the apartments will look, and they want to be taken into these places to see how they look. They want to know that they will get Internet, modern hookups and other things that will make their lives easier.


It is very easy for people to get an appointment with TOWN Residential, and they need to be sure that they have walked around with the broker for a long time to see what there is out there for them. The person that is trying to make sure that they have seen all the right places should ask TOWN Residential to take them to a long list of places. They want to know that they will see it all, and they want to know that all the people that are there are of like mind. That is something that will change the way people live in the city, and it will help them be sure that they are not having issues finding the right price.

TOWN Residential knows how to search the city for price, and they know that they can get ideal apartments for sale in New York, that will work just for them. They know that they have a lot of options, but they need to have an idea of where the best place in the city is.

How healthy eating turned into a business venture for three Georgetown Hoyas

Three years ago, the only Georgetown Hoyas who knew about Sweetgreen were the founders of the trio of Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. It is their discussion about the lack of healthy food options or the lack thereof, on the campus that made them start thinking how they would supply the same.


According to the three, the main reasons they bonded were:

  • They had a love for eating healthy food.
  • They needed to solve a problem that was affecting the three of them.
  • They needed to create something new

These are the motivators that made them come up with a new business plan. The y thought that as children of people that had a long history of entrepreneurship, they should have known a little more than they did about investing, but they did not. They were especially inept when it came to dealing with the food industry.


It is this lack of experience that worked well for them. They looked at the problem from an angle that hadn’t been explored before and thus they came up with a few interesting theories. The first was the fact that if they needed to be successful, the community where they were investing would have to be allowed to infuse their culture into the brand and influence it positively. In addition to that, they would have to cut down their resources into the things that were an absolute necessity.


Their decision to treat the business as if it was a senior year project helped them apply their classroom teachings in the business. Their success has come from establishing a business that is driven by value. From the little startup that was only servicing Georgetown; the venture spread to the schools in the surrounding district and is now serving more than 20,000 children.


According to Jammet, the reason people do not eat healthy food is because they don’t take time to understand food as well as they should. After some time, they included sweetlife as part of their marketing strategy.


Nathaniel RU

He is a co-founder at Sweetgreen. Due to the successful ventures that he co-founded, he has featured on Forbes ‘30 under 30’ list. Though young, his business acumen makes him one to look out for in the coming years.


Danilo Diaz Granados Helps Foreign Entrepreneurs Who Dream of “Coming to America”


Danilo Diaz Granados owns a store in Miami, Florida, called ‘Toys for Boys.’ He knows all about the several ways people can enter the U.S. to do their business. The venerable “green card” is not the only U.S. visa option available. Granados utilized his own expertise in this area when he wanted to start his own boutique.


Many of the high-tech companies in the U.S. that have made the biggest impact were built by immigrants. This includes Google, which was co-founded by Russian-American Sergey Brin, Intel’s co-founder, co-founder of Yahoo and YouTube founder Steve Chen, both from Taiwan, and Hungarian-American Andrew Grove. There overwhelming impact is felt not only in the United States, but in most developed countries of the world. It seems that it falls to immigrants to start the most successful businesses. The list of successful immigrants in the U.S. goes on and on.


So how did all these great people arrive in the U.S.? And, how can more intelligent, gifted, and driven entrepreneurs also come to the U.S. as well? Danilo Diaz Granados points out several ways. The following just some of the ways recommended by Danilo Diaz Granados:


* Foreign Investors can use the EB-5 visa when they are interested in making a minimum investment in the U.S. of $1 million.


* For temporary business in the U.S. when someone does not have an employer there is the EB-2 (C) visa. This type of visa does require a high level of education, a Master’s degree or higher, or equivalent experience.


* To simply open a business in the U.S., without a minimum $1 million investment, use Treaty Investor Visa E-2. The investment requirement is only $100,000, but you must be from one of the listed “treaty countries”. There are many countries on this list.


* The Visa 0.1 is for exceptionally talented individuals, including in the area of business.


* The Visa L1 or L1A is for executives of companies that have offices in both the U.S. and your native country. It does have requirements of residency in the U.S. while working for the company at least 1 year in 3. The L1B variant of this visa is for people with very specialized knowledge.

Why VTA Publications’ Jim Hunt Thinks That Sound Financial Thinking Is Important


Today, people are more aware of their finances than a decade ago. There is need for people to prepare for the future by carefully thinking about financial matters from an early age. However, many people are not keen to save for retirement or pay for a house. Moreover, they are not aware of the value of saving. One’s view on the aspect of saving is crucial in the future decision-making process. When making saving decisions, many individuals are prone to magical thinking. To this end, it becomes difficult for them to make sound decisions on how to manage their finances.

Magical thinking is the first mistake that many people make when deciding about their finances. For instance, a person may think that by playing lottery every week, he or she will win and fix all his or her financial problems. The odds of playing lottery remain the same. One can either win or lose. Individuals tend to view the odds as something good, without focusing on the possible outcomes. Often, individuals do not pay much attention to the most important things in their lives. This includes decisions on the time and place where they would retire. For this reason, they may fail to put money aside for retirement or to help them in case of a financial emergency.

Getting out of such chains that hinder intelligent decision-making is a valuable step to make in life. For one to succeed with his or her finances, he or she should seek help from individuals that understand the financial strategies, such as Jim Hunt of VTA Publications.

About Jim Hunt

He is the CEO of VTA Publications, an entity that publishes non-fiction distance learning materials. Moreover, VTA Publications organizes events for special genres. Recently, Jim Hunt launched excellent investment strategies such as Make Mum a Millionaire and Wealth Wave. He seeks to explain how easy one can make money through prudent investment techniques. His strategies have proven that anyone can make money by following advice from a qualified financial expert.