Madison Street Capital Strikes a Junior Capital Funding Deal for ARES Security

In a strictly competitive business atmosphere, finding angel investors for your company project has become quite a hassle. But not for ARES Security Corporation, thanks to the financial expertise of Madison Street Capital, they have managed to raise the funding they need to expand their business scope.


Finding viable liquidity without selling the majority of shares to willing investors is one of the tough business decisions entrepreneurs have to make in the current economic climate. Nevertheless, Madison was able to close in a minority recapitalization deal for ARES Security Corporation, through their new financier, Corbel Structures Equity Partners.


A minority recapitalization deal means ARES Security Corporation will be able to achieve their liquidity goals without giving up majority control of the company when selling their shares. Junior capital is a unique way to achieve liquidity goals but not many companies are aware of this move. ARES Security is a tech company that provides advanced security options to protect critical assets for its clientele. With technology being one of the hotbeds for investor attraction, one can feel the pressure that was on ARES in coming up with a financing solution that won’t take away the majority power from them.


The minority recapitalization agreement was facilitated by Reginald McGaugh, the senior managing director at Madison. ARES are appreciative of Madison’s efforts in finding them a worthy financier for their upcoming investments. The security risk management company is confident that by working closely with Corbel, they are going to creatively structure their investment portfolio that will be implemented this year.


This new structured partnership will bring forth significant value in equity, allowing ARES to maintain their sales momentum while funding the upcoming opportunities for revenue stream.


About Madison


Madison is a privately owned company based in Chicago, Illinois. The company has successfully conducted business for the past 12 years acting as a capital advisory board for business and wealthy individuals. They provide services such as acquisition services, private equity agreements, business valuation service, investment banking advice, corporate tax planning advice and venture capital services.


One of the services Madison has heavily capitalized on is the provision of hedge fund deals. According to their annual hedge fund publication, the number of hedge fund deals closed by Madison rose from 32 in 2014 to 42 in 2015. Madison was able to close their 2015 financial year on a high note, despite the poor financial performance of most hedge funds in that year.



Bob Reina is Helping Charities to expand their Causes through the Free Charity Account Program

Talk Fusion has remained dedicated to its mission of helping people and changing lives since day one. The firm is founded on a solid foundation of building futures, assisting people to realize their dreams, and supporting community initiatives globally. This commitment changes the world into an ideal place. CEO Bob Reina is dedicated to this mission of changing lives and inspires his employees to engage in serving the community. Read this article at about Bob Reina.


Giving back is the corporate culture of Talk Fusion. Therefore, the company, its employees, and independent associates are always striving to expand their charitable giving and reach out to more people. Under Reina’s leadership, the motivation to make a tangible difference in the world is plenty.


Leading by example


Reina has earned the respect of all stakeholders of Talk Fusion for his habit of leading by example. He has committed his finances and time to fund several community programs and animal causes. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is among the many beneficiaries of Reina’s generous contributions. He donated $1 million to this organization. He has saved lives of many homeless animals by funding the programs of an Indonesian orphanage. He introduced the Free Charity Account program to allow Talk Fusion’s independent associates to offer one free account to the foundation of their choice. Charitable organizations will use the account to further their causes and raise more money by reaching more people.


Bob Reina


Reina has been an energetic leader in the police force, business, and philanthropy. His impressive accomplishments in the direct selling industry reflect Reina’s personal discipline, sacrifice, and unparalleled expertise. While working has a police officer, Reina handled several off-duty tasks to supplement his salary. He developed interests in direct selling and focused on building a career in it.


Reina’s efforts began to pay off, and he started to make strides in the direct selling sector. He surprised the world by successfully implementing his idea of video email contrary to the expectation of American Online. He proceeded to establish Talk Fusion, a company that develops video marketing solutions, in 2007. The firm develops WebRTC Technology-powered apps that enable people to communicate with anyone, anywhere, and on any mobile device. Its innovative apps such as video chat have won several accolades.


How Did We Use Securus During My Brother’s Prison Sentence?

Many people in our family could not make it to the jail when my brother went to jail, and we were unsure how to reach out to him. We knew we could call, and we found Securus when searching for a video calling option. We were able to see him, and this article explains how we used our account to check on him when we could not drive up.


#1: My Parent Were Driving


My parents could make it to the jail, and we could not. We were not in a good position to drive, and we felt as though we were visiting the jail when we called him. We could call at any time, and I felt good knowing I could see him even though he was so far away. We saw him on the video feed, and he could see us. It was simple, and it helped us have nice talks we needed.


#2: Signing Up And Using The App


Signing up and using the app was simple because we were using the app based on information we were given by the company. We learned how to use the app, and we knew it would be much simpler to use the app than a computer. The advancement of technology was helpful, and we felt good about the talks we had with him.


I have been on the Securus app for some time because it is the only way for me to see my brother. The app helped me when I had no idea how to reach out to my brother, and I needed to see his face to know that he was alright. We got what we needed from Securus, and I am confident than have done work no one else is capable of. They are connecting us with videos we desperately need.


The Exceptional Skills and Experience of Sam Tabar on Hedge Funds

The highest percentage of Mr. Tabar’s career has been spent in the fund management industry. Mr. Tabar is a former Capital Strategy head for the Merrill Lynch (Bank of America). His roles involved offering targeted introductions to funding managers and overseeing budget strategy in the various institutional investors such as pensions, funds of funds, foundations, family offices, and endowments. Mr. Tabar offered consultation services on operations, legal, and besides helped in the front office and build back teams.

In the past, Mr. Tabar has worked as the Sparx Group (PMA)’s Co-Head for marketing. Sparx is one of the largest funds that is independent in Asia Pacific. In Sparx, Tabar worked as the directing manager for all facets of a marketing effort globally. Tabar was featured by the 2004 Yahoo Finance when he joined the Investment Advisors at the Sparx firm. Under his management, the company gained above 2000 potential investors and also helped the company in raising its assets to over 1.2 billion dollars.

Sam Tabar has also been an attorney for Arps, Skadden, Slate, Meagher, Schulte and Flom among others. In Skadden, Tabar kept his focus on guiding clients about hedge funds formation.

The experience of Sam Tabar in the different financial bodies impacted in him some exceptional skills on commercial handling and investment. At the end of 2015, Mr. Tabar was appointed to hold the Chief Operating Officer’s position for the FullCycle Energy Fund. In that position, Tabar became responsible for the fund management strategy of the community.

Today, Mr. Tar is one of the most famous capital strategist and hedge funds manager. Tabar is a master’s holder in Law from the Columbia School of Law and an honors degree in Arts from the Oxford University.

Ignition Financial: The Company that will Help You Refinance that Car Loan

You may be wondering what refinancing your car means. You can take out a new loan to pay off the old one with the car as collateral if you have to take out a loan on your vehicle. This then means that you can get a better rate and better terms than those of the previous loan. Can refinancing a car loan help to slash the payments? Yes, it can because you can get better terms on your loan. There are many reasons why you would choose to refinance your car. It is important that you consider before deciding to refinance.


One of the best times to refinance a loan is when the interest rates have gone down. You could end up saving money when interest rates go down. This means that you can pay the loan faster and the interest will not be as high as the previous loan. The lender is more likely to reconsider refinancing the loan if your credit score is looking better than when you bought the car.


Slash my payments

You can also refinance to increase the term of the loan if you have run into some financial trouble. This will give you a chance to regain your footing and not worry about forfeiting payments for a while. It is advisable to refinance if you realize that the terms of the loan were not the best. Is your car lease almost up and you would like to buy the vehicle? Refinancing might be a good option for you because you can now purchase the car. The process of refinancing a car is easy and takes a short time. The fees are very low, and there is no appraisal required. Are you now convinced that you want to refinance your car loan? Kindly look no further than Ignition Financial.


Ignition Financial has access to lenders and will make sure that you get competitive rates. The loan advisors will also ensure that you get a loan term that is flexible. The firm is located in Houston, Texas. It has a BBB rating of A and has experience in the auto loans industry. Are you looking to purchase a company vehicle, buy a leased car, or refinancing a car loan? Ignition Financial will guide you on how to go about this.



FreedomPop – a Great Alternative

For people who use the internet for occasional or light use, there is a great alternative that is free. That’s right. Free for one year. It is called FreedomPop and not only does it provide free internet service, but also free cell phone service.


After the first year of free service, a $10.99 monthly charge kicks in. However, there are no contracts, commitments, or cancellation fees. Service can be terminated at any time for any reason. The free plan provides 500MB of data service which limits the user streaming music or watching YouTube videos.


For many users, this is all they need to check email and browse Facebook.

If users happen to exceed the 500MB of data, there is a small charge. As users reach the last 100MB limit,


FreedomPop will automatically charge users a $10.00 fee to “top up” your plan. Users are notified via email about the impending charge, and they can opt-out of the charge. All of this can easily be done on the FreedomPop website.


Users also have the option to increase their plan by paying an additional fee. Presently, there are three options available.


One option is to pay $0.02 for each additional MB of data used. Unfortunately, if the user has turned off the $10.00 top off fee, this option can be costly.


Another option is Freedom Friends. Users are encouraged to invite friends and family to join FreedomPop. For every signup, users receive an additional 10 MB of data per month.


The third plan involves taking surveys and downloading software to earn additional free data. The surveys and downloads come from such sources as Netflix, FreeCreditReport, online games, and newsletters.


FreedomPop accesses over 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots across the United States. However, it is limited in more remote areas. The additional plans also require close scrutiny of data usage.


Regardless of which option consumers choose, FreedomPop provides internet and cell phone service that is affordable for users looking to reduce their monthly bill. It is definitely worth checking out.

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Brand Changes Makeup Color Wheel Forever

For several decades, women seemed to wear makeup like a uniform, choosing from safe colors that spelled tradition and properness.


Let’s be honest; makeup was beige and boring, until Doe Deere came along. The young CEO and founder of Lime Crime makeup has truly revolutionized the way women see themselves when it comes to makeup. She has broken all the beauty rules, and fans around the world have taken notice.


The Russian-born businesswoman sat down to talk makeup with She expressed her love of e-commerce and how Lime Crime was one of the first new beauty companies to venture into the world of selling cosmetics online. That in itself isn’t easy, because makeup accuracy hasn’t always been available for seeing the exact shades you wanted to purchase from a computer screen. Sure, there were the typical swatches shown online that were swiped on a blank piece of paper or crushed in a similar manner. You can’t tell much about a makeup item’s true depth of color this way.


Doe Deere became an e-commerce beauty pioneer by creating the “on-lip” lipstick swatch, for example. This way, a buyer is looking at the lipstick color shown on the actual lips. This genius improvement makes a huge difference when it comes to buying cosmetics online.


Lime Crime is modern makeup for young women and men, too, who enjoy making a statement. The color palettes feature a wide range of crazy-a** lipstick shades in liquid to matte formulas like Cement, Squash, Alien Green Peacock Blue and so forth. The pigments are deep and gorgeous and go far, far beyond the rainbow, boys and girls.


Doe Deere wants her global fans to enjoy makeup, like a fashion accessory. It doesn’t have to be stale, stiff and boring. Cosmetics should be fun, wild, sexy and a bit naughty. Unique shades for eye shadows and lipsticks allow the wearer to experiment with their personal definition of what’s beautiful.


Apparently, Doe Deere’s idea of bold, beautiful cosmetics are a big deal on social media, too. On Lime Crime’s Instagram page alone, there are more than 2.4 million followers and counting. Doe Deere likes engaging with her makeup addicted fans, and both inspire each other for on-trend looks and new makeup items to hit the street.


To see the crazy radical makeup colors that define Doe Deere’s Lime Crime, check out their shopping website here.

A Look At The Career Of Businessman Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf had no idea about his capabilities. When he entered the University of Fndacao Foundation in Brazil, he had no idea of what he would become after graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Flavio, like many other successful presidents in the world, has made his company a big catch in the business community. The Mechanical Degree from Penteado Fundacao Foundation University earned him a point to enter the New York University to study Business Administration as a certification to head one of the biggest Companies in Brazil. For him, the certification means business. These credentials gave him the points to commence working on the trade section of the company.

In 1987, Flavio Joined Eucatex Group of Companies and started his work in the trade section of the company. During his trajectory, he worked to serve the company in the capacity of an engineer at the manufacturing section of the enterprise. For this reason, he gained enough experience in the understanding of how the company works during production. For this reason, he can locate a problem whenever it happens because he understands the system. When he started from the bottom, he had the opportunity to learn about the production of ceiling tiles as one of the oldest products of the company since it was founded.

For this reason, the company grew in dimension and profit through the innovation of specific categories of production and marketing strategies. When he started making the company succeed, no one in Eucatex was surprised at how he made everything possible. Because he was a hardworking individual who believes what he does, he commenced his leadership is working with the system to develop strategic capabilities in management positions. He also commenced with the issuance of work relations where individual workers were answerable to their superiors. In the end, he would get a report of everyone’s work to monitor their production capacities. For this reason, the company grew in profit to become one of the leading profitable agencies in Brazil.

James Dondero Contributes Quite A Lot To Dallas

The city of Dallas is a lovely place that has quite a few charitable organizations that require funds, and James Dondero gives to charities as much as he possibly can. Believes in the mission of each new charity, and he sure that his funds will go quite a long way in helping people in need. This article explains how James gives back to the community, and he is committed to some of the largest charities in the city.

#1: The Family Place

The Family Place is a beautiful charity that helps families who are in need, and James has given money through Highland Capital Management to help. He wished to challenge those who wanted to give back to the community, and he closed the funding campaign for the charity by giving generously. He is a fine man who sees the value in the charity, and he believes giving back will help families that are not as fortunate as he.

#2: Giving Back With Partners

James has partnered with many different donors in the city, and he wishes to reach out to those who know the most about the city and its charities. He wants to learn what it means to give back, and he wants to know what each new charity gives back to the city.

According to Dallas Links, James Dandero has funds ready from Highland Capital management that make the city a better place to live, and he gives from his own coffers because he believes in helping where it is most needed. Learn more about James Dondero:

#3: Why Is Highland Capital Management Important?

The company is one of the largest employers in the city, and it helps many people who are looking for jobs that will support them for years to come. The city is growing because of large firms like Highland Capital Management. The company helps where others cannot, and they give money that makes the city a safer place to live.

Giving that James Dondero has done makes Dallas a better place to raise a family.

James Dandero is committed to the people of the city, and he hopes his company will give back in ways others cannot.

Lovaganza, Their Celebration And Their Films

Lovaganza is an amazing World’s Fair festival coming in 2020, and the circus big top will host quite a few events in each of the world satellite locations. This article is a look at what Lovaganza means to the world of culture, and they have created quite a few different films about their journey. The festival has built a brand that everyone is familiar with, and they are growing every year as they lead up to 2020.

#1: Lovaganza As A Singular Festival

The Lovaganza tradition is one found under the big top of the circus, and anyone who visits the physical festival will see the events happen under tents just as they did in the old circus. It is quite a lot of fun for the visitors to see videos about the festival, cultural exhibits on from around the world and performances from those who have promised to attend.

#2: What Is The Lovaganza Convoy?

Convoy is a trilogy of films that were made for the festival, and they offer a look at how the festival went from its first ideas to what it is today. There are several different people involved, and each of them has a hand in these movies. The movies take a trip around the world that shares what it means to collect world culture on Facebook.
#3: How Will The Festival Commence?

The world locations have live shows and exhibits every day during the festival, and the website will broadcast performances and videos from the festival on Visitors may go online to watch, and those who cannot visit the festival in-person may make their way to the site to watch. Lovaganza has moved to 2020 to remain interactive, and they will use every good piece of technology to ensure their guests has the best experience.

#4: Learning About World Culture

Everyone who comes to Lovaganza will learn quite a lot about world culture, and they will see cultures they have not heard of before. It is quite difficult to remain a citizen of the world and not know anything about its people.

The big top of the Lovaganza festival is a lovely place to go for every family. Children may learn about culture, and parents are exposed to new things they do not know. See: