The Status of the Brazilian Construction Sector in 2016

In 2016, Brazil was hit by a wave of economic recession. The data obtained by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics indicated that the unemployment rate in the country rose to 11 percent in 2016 from 8.5 percent in 2015. One of the most affected sectors by the recession was construction. According to a report published by a Brazilian magazine, the profits realized from the construction industry hit an all-time low last year, rising by merely 2 percent from the previous year.

Flavio Maluf, the president of Eucatex Group, commented on the new developments in the construction sector. He acknowledged that the trend is scary, especially because the building industry contributes to almost 13 percent of the Brazil’s national GDP. Maluf, however, is optimistic that the industry will get back on track this year, presenting a wind of hope to the unemployed Brazilians and the economy at large.

About Eucatex Group

Eucatex Group is an ISO 9001 certified Brazilian company, established in 1951. Currently, the company specializes in producing ceiling tiles and panels. Upon its establishment, the company only produced soft boards by using eucalyptus as the raw material. Eucatex quickly gained roots in the domestic market, and by 1965, they had opened offices in most Brazilian cities. By early 70s, the company had expanded its operations outside Brazil, having opened branches in Argentina, Germany, England, Netherlands, Mexico, and the US. Around the same time, Eucatex opened a Metal Industrial Unit and a Paint Production Unit.

Today, Eucatex boasts several paint laboratories. Its wide range of products include doors, partition panels, paints, varnishes, MDF and MDP panels, and hardboards. The company has more than 2,000 employees and exports their products to over 37 countries worldwide.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in the year 1961 and is the current president of Eucatex Group. Maluf began his career at Eucatex Group in 1987 when he was employed in the Trade Section of the company. A few years later, Maluf was transferred to the Industrial Section. In 1996, Maluf was appointed to be one of the company’s executives. A year later, Maluf was promoted to the Presidency, a position he holds to date.

Succeeding in the world of investing; the story of Igor Cornelsen

There are many people that have expressed a lot of interest in investing in the stock market. The success stories that have been witnessed by people such as the Brazilian Mogul Igor Cornelsen encourage a lot of people. Igor is the current president of a company known as Bridge investments, which is based in the Bahamas. When he was joining the company five years ago, he stated that he felt a sense of duty, especially to some people who had great potential yet they kept making the wrong investments. He started giving advice to these people to help them get to the top.

In order to coordinate his business deals, Igor Cornelsen, who is a resident of Florida has to make frequent travels between his home country, Brazil, the US and the Bahamas. When he is not busy with his work, he either enjoys a quiet time with his family or playing a round of golf.

Igor Cornelsen states that the secret that has fueled his success in investment was the fact that he discovered that Brazil would be an economic powerhouse on Twitter long before the other people did. Currently, Brazil has risen to take u a position among the top five most powerful economies in the world. It is this success that he invested in and the end result has been a great payoff for him. The Brazilian stock market on Lulu went well for him and most of the investments that he made have given him huge returns and allowed him to retire early.

He states that the best advice he can give to the investors is to be very careful when entering new markets. Igor Cornelsen adds that before anyone tries a new market, they should make sure that they understand the culture and other factors that affect the manner in which the economy operates. Understanding the hindrances to business such as culture will help one conform and avoid unnecessary losses.

There is a number of other positions that Igor worked in before he retired. The collective experience at that he got from these places have helped shape him for the level of success he achieved before finally retiring.

How Adam Goldenberg Helped Shape Online Retail in 2016


The Humble Beginnings

Adam Goldenberg got his start in online retail in the early 2000s. At the time the internet was still in its infancy and experiments of all varieties took place. At the center of all this was a company known as Intermix. Intermix was in the business of creating e commerce website before that was even considered a thing. Goldenberg was highly successful at Intermix, but he wanted something greater than what they had to offer.



A Duo In Business

At Intermix Goldenberg met fellow internet entrepreneur Don Ressler. The two decided they wanted to work together and create an online store of their own using a more personalized approach. This is where the idea of JustFab came about. Customers would subscribe to JustFab and receive a selection of clothing suited their specific interests and tastes. With the aid of super model Kimora Lee Simmons JustFab was a smashing success and grew to see millions of fans. Entrepreneur’s article exposed that the subscription model of JustFab eventually inspired Goldenberg to pursue another website with a similar design, but this time he enlisted the help of Kate Hudson to build it.  Follow Adam Goldenberg on Twitter for updates, or read his page on the TechStyle blog.



Building On Success

With the help of Kate Hudson and Ressler Adam Goldenberg created Fabletics. The business model was similar to JustFab but there was a stronger focus on athletic wear. Customers would first answer a survey detailing their body type and level of physical activity which would then provide Fabletics with the information necessary to give them the clothes they want. Fabletics eventually achieved even greater success than JustFab did and it is now branching out into the real world. There are now 6 brick and mortar stores under the Fabletics name, but there are plans to make up to 100 more stores.



The Techstyle Empire

At the center of just about everything Goldenberg does in business is Techstyle. Essentially, Techstyle is a company using Big Data analytics in order to find out what customers want in their fashion. Thanks to this new approach Goldenberg has managed to reach the top of e commerce and maintain his position. In fact, others are now emulating his strategies in attempts to improve their own businesses. With more than a decade in online retail Goldenberg stands as one of the most significant figures in the history of the internet. His impact on business is permanently etched into history.

Oncotarget Makes People Hopeful About Beating Cancer

I have never heard of the website Oncotarget or the term in relation to how it references molecules and cancer cells until my parents were diagnosed with cancer.

Now I retreat to this website on a very regular basis to get updates about new breakthroughs in the world of cancer research. I have found this website incredibly helpful because it has allowed me to find out information that I would otherwise not know anything about.

I think that education is knowledge for people that have cancer. They know that there is still research and they have a better outlook on life.

For other people that have not been diagnosed with cancer the website is still great. It gives people some insight on what type of research is being done. It also helps people get an indication of the warning signs that they should consider.

There are millions of people that are beating cancer each year, but there are still a lot of people that are dying from this disease.

It is wise to take heed to the signs that are out there. It is also a good idea to have access to the information that helps you minimize your chances. There are all types of preventive measures out there, and I believe that most people just ignore the signs most of the time.

I have found that Oncotarget is the perfect website for anyone that is trying to stay abreast of all the changes that are happening in concerns with cancer.

According to Dove Press, this Oncotarget website is really great for people that are trying to establish some type of commitment to living better lives. So many people will be amazed by all the articles that have been submitted about metabolism and neuropathology.

There are an assortment of journal articles that have been written by doctors that have taken the time to do the research. Many people that are reading these articles can see the progress that is being made in some areas.

Research Gate reveals that they think that this is great because cancer can be a nightmare. The Oncotarget website gives people lots of hope.