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Governments, companies, and individuals are starting to see more and more damage caused by cyber attacks. May 2017 is a great example. The attacks came to be called the Wanna cry attacks. The cyber attack later came to be known as the biggest cyber attack of its kind. The organizations had to quickly respond to the attacks by gaining strict cyber security.

Each year ransomware attacks are increasing. The cost of cyber crimes done between 2013-2015 is said to of quadrupled. It is estimated that the cost of cyber threats will probably rise to $6 trillion by 2021. Politicians are some of the main people being attacked by cyber attacks. It is projected that the cost of cyber attacks on medical devices will be $101 billion by 2018. There is a huge struggle between the need for cyber security and the amount of limited funding. In hopes, a lot more organizations, companies, government, and departments will realize how important it is to have cyber security.


With Rubica they are able to provide you protection against ransomware. Their team makes it hard for criminals to collect your personal information. Rubica is one company you can trust in 100%.


Larkin & Lacey: Fighting Injustice

In this modern era, more people are rallying together on the internet than ever before in an explosion of advocacy groups and people coming together to increase their power and influence.

Not all groups are successful, but it is becoming increasingly more achievable to pursue your cause with effective results. This wasn’t possible just a number of years ago, and now we see many organizations thrive through the internet as well as direct political endeavors.

The Empowering Spirits Foundation is an LGBT advocacy group that is directly involved with the LGBT community. It is groups like this that help to establish true change in the world.

Their programs include housing builds, cleaning of the environment and food drives. They are active in the community and are a very successful group when it comes to changing the mindset of otherwise close-minded individuals.

By spreading their influence, they seek to ensure justice and equality for all through various programs and funds. Intolerance has been a major issue in the United States for a while, and The Empowering Spirits Foundation has sought to change the general viewpoint of the conservative side towards more acceptance.

Another very prominent advocate for all human, civil and migrant rights is the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the Co-Founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media.

They have dedicated much of their time towards the betterment of society as a whole, and have made it their mission to stop any unlawful acts by governing authorities. They realized the severity of the situation through first-hand experience.

The issue was that they were essentially targeted by law enforcement due to their report in the paper that the law was after their articles and notes. They even went further to request and seize personal documentation, IP addresses, and personal browsing history on the web.

What is more shocking is that in the middle of the night they were apprehended and taken into two separate buildings for interrogation. They were swiftly released and were to receive a three million dollar settlement on the matter.

This fund was rightfully and nobly funneled into what would later become known as the Frontera Fund. This mind-boggling unconstitutional crime resulted in the greater good for the two, and continues to fund organizations against governments who abuse their power blatantly. Through this fund, they have pooled resources into many foundations and organizations. Regarding their paper, Larkin is responsible for the advertising, whereas Lacey is the executive director.

Together they seized this opportunity of injustice to effectively make a positive impact on the growing problem of abuse of the law by authority. Indeed, we see an increase in similar cases throughout the United States, and the Frontera Fund seeks to reform the laws to ensure that they are properly respected.

Abuse of power can have serious ramifications. In this case, a three million dollar one. Through this wise move, they have been successful in promoting true change in the US government.

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The Brown Modeling Agency Gives Models a Chance at a Better Experience

For The Brown Modeling Agency, the idea that they can help models is something that they have always done to make things better for all of their clients. They know that there are many different opportunities for their models so that they will be able to try new things in their careers.

When The Brown Modeling Agency first started, they were a combination of two major modeling agencies. They came together and they chose to keep the best parts of both of them so that they would be able to do more than what they had in the past. They eliminated the negative aspects of the companies and they kept only what was going to be able to succeed for the models. The agency that was formed as a result was something that made things better and something that brought new life to the industry.

The opportunities that models have at both of these agencies are among the best in the industry. It is something that the models have been able to do and enjoy throughout the different experiences that they have. When there are new print or runway jobs available, the agency does what they can to help people get the jobs that they want. They work hard to match the models up with the jobs that they will work well with. Because of this, the models are able to get the jobs that they want. They don’t have to compete for jobs because the agency knows what is going to work for them.

The Brown Modeling Agency puts their models first and they do what they can to make sure that they are satisfied with the jobs that they have. Since they do what they can to keep all of their models happy, they have models who are consistently satisfied with the jobs that they have. The agency knows the right way to help their models by providing them with jobs, giving them al lot the opportunities that they need and helping them out with all of the issues that they might have in their modeling careers. This is what has led to happier models that are able to book better jobs.

Since The Brown Modeling Agency cares about all of their models, they do what they can to make things easier for people who want to work with them. They try to provide them with an atmosphere that is caring and dedicated to the models. It is something that they have done so that the models will be protected and so that they will have the best experience possible. The Brown Modeling Agency does everything that they can to ensure that their models are satisfied and happy.

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Mike Heiligenstein and the Mobility Authority Reduce Traffic Congestion

Several months ago, the American-Statesman published news saying that the traffic congestion in Austin was going to increase. He added that the only way to solve this problem was the use of the modern technology. Mike Heiligenstein, the recently appointed executive director of the famous Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, says that the traffic congestion issue is a fact that needs to be addressed with multiple resources. As the head of the authority, Mike Heiligenstein is in charge of making sure that people can move from one county to the other without any difficulties.


Mike Heiligenstein and his team at the Mobility Authority were appointed so that they can deal with the challenges on the roads. While serving in the institution, Mike helped in the construction of 183A Toll Road that is located in the Leander and Cedar Park. The new road has been very helpful. Mike says that it has transformed the lives of the communities because they have witnessed exponential growth. The toll road in Manor and Austin tripled the capacity of the road, and it also improved the state of the non-troll lines that existed. Mike Heiligenstein and his team do not operate as a private institution. They are known by the society to a local agency that is accountable to the people living in the Williamson and Travis counties.


The Mobility Authority was established with one mission in mind: to innovate and make Austin a better place to live. The authority has been instrumental in the construction of the MoPac Express lane. The new lanes are using the latest technology, and Mike says that they will help in making traffic flow.


Although everyone wants to reach their destination easily and quickly, the Mobility Authority says that this is not going to be possible. According to the authority, traffic congestion cannot be eliminated. The MoPac footprint is not too big, and it cannot guarantee the road users what they need. However, if you want to attend an urgent interview or even a concert, there will be an effective way to commute. The express line will make sure that individuals get to their destination even when the other lanes are moving slowly during the rush hour.


Last year Mike Heiligenstein and the Mobility Authority met to discuss the challenges facing the Austin resident in the modern times. According to the individuals attending the meeting, the use of advanced applications can significantly help to reduce the congestion caused by the growing population.


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Hussain Sajwani: The Ultimate Business Mogul of Arabia

Hussain Sajwani is DAMAC Properties’ founder and chairman. DAMAC Properties is an international property development company. Sajwani is the UAE national who earned a degree from the University of Washington. After graduating, he became a contracts manager for GASCO, which is a ADNOC’s subsidiary, ADNOC standing for Abu Dhabi National Oil Company.


After working for ADNOC, he started a catering venture in 1982. Sajwani’s business began modestly and has grown to being a strong empire serving more than 150,000 meals per day and managing over 200 projects. With about 2,000 employees, his company is publicly listed with trading shares in the Dubai Financial Market. And furthermore, his organization’s track record in luxury property development market is highly reputable where 18,500 units have been delivered so far. Also, over 44,000 units from various stages are included within his company’s development portfolio.


The markets DAMAC owner serves include Africa, the Middle East, and the CIS. His business serves army camps, construction campsites, five star hotels, and educational institutions. He business also provides ancillary services, such as maintenance, camp management, and manpower supply.


Sajwani’s business success is due to his skills and expertise in the property development field in legal, finance, sales, marketing, and administration aspects. Sajwani’s business success is also due to his entrepreneurial and visionary skills. He has been recognized as one of the 100 most internationally influential Arabs. His company has a plethora of prestigious projects within main global cities, such as Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Aman, Riyadh, Jeddah, and London.


Furthermore, with his skills and talents, he is an astute investor and businessman with an impeccable success in the global capital and equity markets. He holds security investment portfolios in several global and regional markets. Also, he serves on several boards, including JUNO Online in New York, the Majan University College in Muscat Oman, and the Emirates Takaful Company in Abu Dhabi. Living in Dubai, Hussain Sajwani family includes a wife and four children.


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Pirates Passion and Perserverence Takes Them to Nationals

Orange County College is a community college in Orange County, California serving 25,000 undergraduate students. The College offers two-year arts and science degrees that can be used to transfer to four-year universities, as well as certificates for various skills and trades.

Orange County College is located Costa Mesa. Costa Mesa is very closed to Southern California’s many beautiful beaches.

The College was founded in 1947 as a need arose for a junior college to California’s four-year universities. Now, the College has grown to offer 135 academic and career programs. Their motto is “We’ll help you get there.” The College is expanding with new construction. They currently offer the latest technology, updated facilities, and minimum wage jobs.

Orange College Pirates are holding their own on the water. The College’s rowers are competing for their 12th national title. The eight-man crew propels their 60-foot long boat 25 miles per hour across whatever body of water they find themselves practicing on.

Rowing is a graceful sport. Rowers need perseverance and amazing strength to compete. What is most important, though, is that the eight rowers are rowing in unison. The Orange County College rowers seem to have all of these qualities. They are competing at Nationals in May 2017 against four-year universities.

There are some noticeable differences in terms of the resources that four-year and two-year schools have. Four-year universities are larger, and therefore, have a larger pick of students to choose rowers from.

Four-year universities also generally have a higher budget for student programs. Despite this, the Orange College rowers have proven themselves to have the passion and perseverance to compete with the best in the country.

Perhaps their skill is due to California’s plentiful picturesque beaches for the Pirates to practice on. Or perhaps the Pirates have found a special chemistry with one another which allows them to perform at high levels.

This chemistry is very important when there are only 8 people and a 60-foot long boat against the water. Probably, their profound success is a combination of both.