Bridget Scarr is an Internationally Known Creative Producer and Writer

Bridget Scarr is a creative producer and respected writer who can develop compelling content that extends across a wide range of platforms. Her projects, including augmented reality, digital content, interactive exhibition, and virtual reality, address the needs of her large audiences. She is an experienced executive producer with a long-term experience that extends for more than 15 years. Her expertise lies in the field of animation, television, and advertising.


Throughout her profession, Bridget has been in charge of leading a team of over 200 creative developers and technical producers. She has overseen many productions, including children’s animation, lifestyle, drama, entertainment, and factual entertainment programming. Bridget is currently a senior executive at Colibri Studios. She is the head of the strategy, content development, and partnerships. She engages in day-to-day development agenda of the firm and partners with global broadcasters, creative talent, and project partners to implement innovative projects.


The story behind creation of Colibri Studios


In her early career, Bridget served as a TV producer and concentrated on actualizing the ideas of other people. The idea of establishing Colibri Studio came up when she decides to shift from TV production to creative content creation. Bridget formed Colibri Studios to serve as a platform for bringing her ideas to life. Through this innovative firm, she runs exhibition projects, digital content, and traditional television projects.


How Bridget makes her day productive


Bridget starts her day with meditation, which keeps her energized and attentive throughout the day. Then, she enjoys a nice breakfast with her lovely family and commutes to her office. From 9 am to noon, she carries out intensive research and writes original content. From midday to 2 pm, she joins her family for lunch. She also catches up with industry news. Bridget spends her afternoon hours in a much more flexible way. She may read a book, respond to emails from sales agents and co-producers, watch a new episode of her favorite series, or come up with an alternative project idea.


Coming up with new ideas and implementing them


The strategies employed by Bridget to actualize new ideas depend on the type of project and the inspiration behind it. Currently, she is running an augmented reality project that enables users to understand history as narrated by individuals who lived it. On this project, Bridget concentrates on incorporating technology to connect the users with history more creatively and engagingly.


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