Positive Publicity and A Dramatic Increase In Sales Generate A Positive Review For NewsWatch TV

The NewsWatch TV television news program enjoys a well-deserved reputation of being an excellent source of information about consumer, health, technology, entertainment and travel news stories.


Because each episode of NewsWatch TV reaches more than 95 million homes across America, forward-thinking companies recognize the positive impact that this influential news program can produce. One of these companies is Saygus, an American manufacturer of Smartphones.


The Saygus company is so pleased with the results of reviews of their phones on the NewsWatch TV news program and online, that the vice president of the company recorded a video testimonial wherein he expresses his satisfaction with the job that was done.


The company vice president says in the video that NewsWatch TV is a very professional organization that listens to Saygus’s needs and also listens to their customers, and knows how to connect the two concerns. Due to the massive exposure their products received through the reviews on NewsWatch TV, the Saygus company substantially exceeded its sales goals.


In the fast-paced world of news reporting, NewsWatch TV is a trusted and reliable news source that has been providing top-notch reporting on a wide range of topics since 1990. Based in the Washington, D.C. area, the professional staff members of NewsWatch TV have produced more than 1,000 original episodes of this 30-minute news program.


NewsWatch TV regularly airs on the ION network and the AMC network. In addition to the popular television series, the organization maintains a high quality, informative website and a YouTube channel that has received more than four million views.

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Sawyer Howitt- A young business leader

For one to succeed in business leadership, training, experience and willingness to succeed are very crucial. One person who has learned this very early in his life is entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt. While still in high school, Sawyer Howitt joined his father’s business, Meriwether Group so that he could learn, get experience and knowledge on how to successfully run a business establishment. His father is David Howitt, the CEO of Meriwether Group. Meriwether group is a product development consulting company. Sawyer joint the firm in the project management department. He has gone ahead to be appointed the project manager for the group.

One of his success has been helping RFID Checkpoint as the business strategy analyst. He has also worked in the customer service department of KURE juice, where he familiarized himself with the basics of building a good customer service approach. Sawyer Howitt believes that emphasis needs to be put in coming up with strategies that will attract and retain customers.

Sawyer Howitt hopes that he will one day start his company. Sawyer Howitt started working in the business sector while still in high school. He was an intern in various companies while still in high school. Sawyer has learned a lot on how to develop complex spreadsheets, taking notes, presentations and filing reports. He remains keen to learn the operational and financial aspects of a business fully. It is for this reason that he has gone to the university to study entrepreneurial finance.

Sawyer Howitt hopes to be a successful entrepreneur just like his father. Sawyer has been helping startups come up with working business strategies that will enable them to grow. Meriwether is a product development company.

Sawyer Howitt is also a dedicated philanthropist. He supports causes that fight for women rights as well as business youth mentorship programs. He is part of various charitable organizations that operate locally and internationally.

Sawyer as a team leader at Meriwether has exhibited a great commitment to working. He has strong interpersonal skills that enable him to interact well with the people working for the company. He is determined to making it in life and has demonstrated this by the efforts that he puts in his work and studies. Unlike many young people in his age bracket, Sawyer Howitt has established himself as a focused business leader ready to achieve greatness in life. his dream is that very soon he will be running a business of his own.ttps://www.crunchbase.com/person/sawyer-howitt#/entity

Hussain Sajwani: The Ultimate Business Mogul of Arabia

Hussain Sajwani is DAMAC Properties’ founder and chairman. DAMAC Properties is an international property development company. Sajwani is the UAE national who earned a degree from the University of Washington. After graduating, he became a contracts manager for GASCO, which is a ADNOC’s subsidiary, ADNOC standing for Abu Dhabi National Oil Company.


After working for ADNOC, he started a catering venture in 1982. Sajwani’s business began modestly and has grown to being a strong empire serving more than 150,000 meals per day and managing over 200 projects. With about 2,000 employees, his company is publicly listed with trading shares in the Dubai Financial Market. And furthermore, his organization’s track record in luxury property development market is highly reputable where 18,500 units have been delivered so far. Also, over 44,000 units from various stages are included within his company’s development portfolio.


The markets DAMAC owner serves include Africa, the Middle East, and the CIS. His business serves army camps, construction campsites, five star hotels, and educational institutions. He business also provides ancillary services, such as maintenance, camp management, and manpower supply.


Sajwani’s business success is due to his skills and expertise in the property development field in legal, finance, sales, marketing, and administration aspects. Sajwani’s business success is also due to his entrepreneurial and visionary skills. He has been recognized as one of the 100 most internationally influential Arabs. His company has a plethora of prestigious projects within main global cities, such as Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Aman, Riyadh, Jeddah, and London.


Furthermore, with his skills and talents, he is an astute investor and businessman with an impeccable success in the global capital and equity markets. He holds security investment portfolios in several global and regional markets. Also, he serves on several boards, including JUNO Online in New York, the Majan University College in Muscat Oman, and the Emirates Takaful Company in Abu Dhabi. Living in Dubai, Hussain Sajwani family includes a wife and four children.


Visit http://hussainsajwani.com/ for more details.


How Adam Goldenberg Helped Shape Online Retail in 2016


The Humble Beginnings

Adam Goldenberg got his start in online retail in the early 2000s. At the time the internet was still in its infancy and experiments of all varieties took place. At the center of all this was a company known as Intermix. Intermix was in the business of creating e commerce website before that was even considered a thing. Goldenberg was highly successful at Intermix, but he wanted something greater than what they had to offer.



A Duo In Business

At Intermix Goldenberg met fellow internet entrepreneur Don Ressler. The two decided they wanted to work together and create an online store of their own using a more personalized approach. This is where the idea of JustFab came about. Customers would subscribe to JustFab and receive a selection of clothing suited their specific interests and tastes. With the aid of super model Kimora Lee Simmons JustFab was a smashing success and grew to see millions of fans. Entrepreneur’s article exposed that the subscription model of JustFab eventually inspired Goldenberg to pursue another website with a similar design, but this time he enlisted the help of Kate Hudson to build it.  Follow Adam Goldenberg on Twitter for updates, or read his page on the TechStyle blog.



Building On Success

With the help of Kate Hudson and Ressler Adam Goldenberg created Fabletics. The business model was similar to JustFab but there was a stronger focus on athletic wear. Customers would first answer a survey detailing their body type and level of physical activity which would then provide Fabletics with the information necessary to give them the clothes they want. Fabletics eventually achieved even greater success than JustFab did and it is now branching out into the real world. There are now 6 brick and mortar stores under the Fabletics name, but there are plans to make up to 100 more stores.



The Techstyle Empire

At the center of just about everything Goldenberg does in business is Techstyle. Essentially, Techstyle is a company using Big Data analytics in order to find out what customers want in their fashion. Thanks to this new approach Goldenberg has managed to reach the top of e commerce and maintain his position. In fact, others are now emulating his strategies in attempts to improve their own businesses. With more than a decade in online retail Goldenberg stands as one of the most significant figures in the history of the internet. His impact on business is permanently etched into history.

Workville–The Best Place For The Entrepreneur Wishing To Succeed With His Or Her Project


Success, in business, requires attaining all of the resources necessary in order to achieve the ultimate goal. Worthy, young entrepreneurs, have known over the years that what makes or breaks a business is attitude. The open office arrangement of Workville, provides a venue, where the entrepreneur is given the opportunity to break ground, and establish him or herself, without a great deal of complication.


First off: the open office establishment gives the new startup with a worthy New York address, located on Broadway and on a 21st floor. The location’s furnishings are contemporary and professional. So: when the startup, invites his or her VIP client to the location, the client is immediately impressed.

Secondly, an entrepreneur works inside of a venue where other praise-worthy individuals conduct business. The business alliances of the Workville solution, providing the entrepreneur with may resources, in order to network and learn in an environment that only NYC coworking can provide.


Third, featured amenities include: high-speed Internet, access to the building on a 24-hour basis, plenty of freshly brewed java, daily cleaning services, mail service, private phone service, sunny terraces, and an overall environment of inspiration. In fact, many persons providing testimonials about the business solution seem to use the word inspiring quite often.


Other entrepreneurs, have shared the information, that when it comes time to upgrade from the open office solution to a private office, they will remain at the prestigious Broadway address. Favorable reviews are continual with regard to the modern business solution.


The best office solution is probably the private office. This is the most costly package–however, worth every single penny. If an individual can handle the private office setup–it is probably worth his or her while to make full use of it. The private office allows its user total privacy and control of his or her business-world. It is located at a prime Broadway location; again, on the 21st floor.  The private style office provides the entrepreneur’s client, a sense that he or she is truly in-charge of the company. Individuals wishing to still provide their clients the concept that they are the masters of their respective destinies, can make use, of the location’s conference facilities.


The startup, nonetheless, is afforded a great deal of inspirational fortitude when choosing the open office arrangement as his or her startup home.

Mike Baur Starting a Company

Millions of people today have a dream of starting their own business. There are a variety of reasons for this, ranging from the opportunity to make money to the freedom that it gives. However, few people understand how to take a new business idea and turn it into something that can actually make money. Over the long term, Mike Baur has started a variety of companies that have had long term success. If you want to learn from someone who has had success, he is the perfect person to go to.

Read more about his interview on founderstories.com.

Mike Baur


From the time he was in school, Mike Baur has always wanted to own his own business. He is not someone who likes to follow the rules, and he likes to work for himself. Although he has had a lot of financial success, he feels like the freedom that his business affords him is much more important. He now has the time to spent with his family that he did not have before. If you want to learn from someone who has had success in this area, Mike Baur is a great person to learn from. Mike Baur knows the steps that you need to take in order to have success in this area, and he will continue to help you in a variety of ways.




One of the biggest obstacles in starting a business is capital. Few people understand how much capital it really takes to get going. Over the long term, Mike Baur has proven that he can scale up a business from the ground up without a lot of issues. He understands where to invest limited capital in order to get the best return on investment. If you understand this important part of his lessons, you will do well on your own in the world of business. Mike Baur can help you in a variety of ways.


Final Thoughts


Over the long term, Mike Baur has done a great job in the world of business. Not only has he helped others, but he has started successful companies of his own. If you want to learn from someone who has done this the right way, Mike Baur is the perfect person.