A Look At The Career Of Businessman Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf had no idea about his capabilities. When he entered the University of Fndacao Foundation in Brazil, he had no idea of what he would become after graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Flavio, like many other successful presidents in the world, has made his company a big catch in the business community. The Mechanical Degree from Penteado Fundacao Foundation University earned him a point to enter the New York University to study Business Administration as a certification to head one of the biggest Companies in Brazil. For him, the certification means business. These credentials gave him the points to commence working on the trade section of the company.

In 1987, Flavio Joined Eucatex Group of Companies and started his work in the trade section of the company. During his trajectory, he worked to serve the company in the capacity of an engineer at the manufacturing section of the enterprise. For this reason, he gained enough experience in the understanding of how the company works during production. For this reason, he can locate a problem whenever it happens because he understands the system. When he started from the bottom, he had the opportunity to learn about the production of ceiling tiles as one of the oldest products of the company since it was founded.

For this reason, the company grew in dimension and profit through the innovation of specific categories of production and marketing strategies. When he started making the company succeed, no one in Eucatex was surprised at how he made everything possible. Because he was a hardworking individual who believes what he does, he commenced his leadership is working with the system to develop strategic capabilities in management positions. He also commenced with the issuance of work relations where individual workers were answerable to their superiors. In the end, he would get a report of everyone’s work to monitor their production capacities. For this reason, the company grew in profit to become one of the leading profitable agencies in Brazil.