Mike Heiligenstein and the Mobility Authority Reduce Traffic Congestion

Several months ago, the American-Statesman published news saying that the traffic congestion in Austin was going to increase. He added that the only way to solve this problem was the use of the modern technology. Mike Heiligenstein, the recently appointed executive director of the famous Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, says that the traffic congestion issue is a fact that needs to be addressed with multiple resources. As the head of the authority, Mike Heiligenstein is in charge of making sure that people can move from one county to the other without any difficulties.


Mike Heiligenstein and his team at the Mobility Authority were appointed so that they can deal with the challenges on the roads. While serving in the institution, Mike helped in the construction of 183A Toll Road that is located in the Leander and Cedar Park. The new road has been very helpful. Mike says that it has transformed the lives of the communities because they have witnessed exponential growth. The toll road in Manor and Austin tripled the capacity of the road, and it also improved the state of the non-troll lines that existed. Mike Heiligenstein and his team do not operate as a private institution. They are known by the society to a local agency that is accountable to the people living in the Williamson and Travis counties.


The Mobility Authority was established with one mission in mind: to innovate and make Austin a better place to live. The authority has been instrumental in the construction of the MoPac Express lane. The new lanes are using the latest technology, and Mike says that they will help in making traffic flow.


Although everyone wants to reach their destination easily and quickly, the Mobility Authority says that this is not going to be possible. According to the authority, traffic congestion cannot be eliminated. The MoPac footprint is not too big, and it cannot guarantee the road users what they need. However, if you want to attend an urgent interview or even a concert, there will be an effective way to commute. The express line will make sure that individuals get to their destination even when the other lanes are moving slowly during the rush hour.


Last year Mike Heiligenstein and the Mobility Authority met to discuss the challenges facing the Austin resident in the modern times. According to the individuals attending the meeting, the use of advanced applications can significantly help to reduce the congestion caused by the growing population.


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