Weight loss secrets of the Kabbalah

Can the ancient, mystical teachings of Kabbalah help us with the most common and mundane problems of today … for example, what about weight loss?


As you may know, America is facing obesity epidemic, as are other parts of the world. Something has gone wrong with the way we eat.


One thing is for sure – it’s become a lucrative opportunity for the diet industry. Books on weight loss sell by the millions. Entire corporations are designed to help us lose weight “the easy way,” and with “simple plans,” as long as we have cash to pay for their big promises.


And yet, millions of people remain fat!

Is it possible that the true key for battling the bulge is not a fad diet or an expensive nationally-marketed weight loss scheme – but rather a deeper approach based on the spiritual values of ancient tradition?


The fact is, precepts found in Kabbalah are an extremely powerful remedy for struggles with obesity. That’s because Kabbalah understands that the root of the problem is not just in what or how we eat or sedentary lifestyles – but because, ironically, we are starving ourselves spiritually.


Kabbalah is a rich source of both practical eating advice, and transcendent knowledge that can refocus our minds toward giving our bodies exactly they need. Consider that is was 800 years ago that the great Rabbi Maimonides counseled us to, “…eat until we feel just three-quarters full, then stop.”


That’s good practical advice, but the larger empowerment is derived from a deeper spiritual understanding of the connection between the physical body and the Creator – we are spiritual beings who crave to be in harmony with the Cosmos.


When people delve deeper into a kabbalistic practice, such as meditation, self-examination, prayer, service to others – they find it fuels the strength they need to make healthy course corrections for the body. (Note: The Kabbalah Centre is a terrific resource and can give you many suggestions.)


Kabbalah Centre of teaches that the Creator loves imperfect people, and loves them even more when they work to eliminate those imperfections.


If you combine your weight loss effort with practices taught at the Kabbalah Centre, you can achieve your goal – an ideal weight – sooner than you could ever imagine.