Brian Bonar: Providing a Vast Wealth of Financial Services Knowledge.

Brian Bonar brings a wealth of experience when it comes to the world of financial services, having worked in various industries since 1969, when he started at IBM, where he was in charge of motherboard outsourcing. Mr. Bonar moved on to various businesses, including founding some of his own, such as Bezier Systems, which launched the first SCSI based printer, as well as working in various sales positions.

Brian Bonar is currently the Chairman and CEO for Trucept, and company that provides temporary staffing, as well as insurance products and services. He is also the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Services, which provides guidance for sales and management strategies.

Mr. Bonar attended James Watt Technical College, from 1963 to 1969, where he majored in Mechanical Engineering. He then earned a Masters from Stafford University, also in Mechanical Engineering, and it was not until 1989 that he moved away from the engineering side, to the marketing side, when he became the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Rastek Corporation, a company that is responsible for the sale of printing technology around the world.

Because of his wide range of experience, Mr. Bonar is able to meet the needs of his clients, showing great skills in mergers & acquisitions, marketing techniques, corporate development, and obviously, sales.

According to PR News Wire, Brian Bonar also earned Cambridge’s “Executive of the Year” awards, and is a member of the American Finance Association. He has also been lauded as an excellent strategy oriented CEO, with excellent sales and marketing skills.

Brian Bonar has also proved himself to be quite a capable leader, when he worked for QMS between April 1985 and August 1993, he led a team of approximately 100 software and hardware engineers.

He has also proved himself to be quite capable of interacting with with fellow industry leaders in other parts of the world, mainly Japan and Korea.

When Mr. Bonar worked for Adaptec, as the sales manager, and for itec imaging technologies, as the Vice President Sales and Marketing, he was mainly in charge of maintaining and developing good relationships with major industry leaders in those areas of the world.