The Future of the Academy of Art University

The Future of Fashion: Academy of Art University NYFW Shows article praises the successful fashion debuts from 10 students who attends the Academy of Art University. These ten students amazed audience members including fashion influencers like Ms. J Alexander with their stunning collections. There was five womenswear, two menswear and other collaborations that were presented at this year’s Fashion Week. The students came from all over the world from China to Mexico to California. A number of students were named CFDA Fashion Future Graduate Showcase which is a very big complement to those students.



The Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco, California where they offer associates, bachelors and master’s degree in all area of art forms from game design to fine arts to fashion. This school was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, a painter and magazine editor. This school was originally the Academy of Advertising. It is a for-profit, privately owned school, who lives by the motto “Built by artist for artist”.


The Academy of Art University has a main campus on New Montgomery Street in the South of Market district but also has online classes as well. Their school colors are black and red and they are a part of NCAA division II sports which their sports team are the Urban Knights.. They even have a former student who is a Canadian Olympic sprinter by the name of Mobolade Ajomale. This school has a couple of awards for their indoor and cross-country track teams. Elisa Stephens is the current President and a decedent of the creator Richard S. Stephens.



This school is deeply involved with Fashion Week and has been participating in Fashion week since 2005 on a bi-annually bases. The Fashion school of the Academy of Art host a runway showcases at the Skylight Clarkson Square. The Academy of Art University fashion students and the CFDA are very involved and a lot of their students receive awards from the CFDA. Alot of students from this school participate in amazing internships with top fashion companies.


Doe Deere, The Unicorn Queen

Doe Deere, many know her as the “Queen of Unicorns” has shared her passion for alternative, unconventional style through her very own cosmetics brand, Lime Crime. Her story has inspired many from all sorts of walks of life to achieve their dreams. Whether someone is a plain Jane, or a “punk” with a brightly colored mohawk she has shown that no matter one’s appearance, it is possible to reach for the stars. This is a summary of how she went from a princess to a queen. How did she do it? Doe was born and raised in Russia, she moved to the states when she was 17, where she mainly stayed in New York City. Growing up, Ms. Deere said she was always imaginative and ambitious, always dreaming big. Her biggest dream was to become a musician and she did just that when she moved to New York. When she was just 13, Doe Deere would make and sell temporary tattoos to her friends. Doing so, Doe felt that it showed her classmates that having temporary tattoos were okay and so they became a hit!

From 1998 to 2012, Doe spent a lot of time in New York City, where she also met her musician husband. It was through music the two connected and their love blossomed. Deere’s advice for younger women; “follow your heart because I believe that every person has something special about them- some kind of unique skill or quality that only they have in the world.” It is through this ambition where she urges others to keep working on their skills to achieve anything they set their mind to. It was through this mindset that Lime Crime was born. Deere always gravitated towards bright colors, but in 2008 they were difficult to find and so she made them herself. However, it isn’t always unicorns and glitter for Ms. Deere. Over the years, she has dealt with her fair share of haters since she became an internet sensation!

Since the internet is such a strange place, people believe that they can say whatever they want without consequences. When it comes to dealing with these kinds of people, Doe says that she just ignores them. At the end of the day, words from haters are not thing that drives Doe Deere to keep going. It is the love from her “unicorns” that keep her and Lime Crime going.



Lime Crime Creator Doe Deere Reveals The Secret Behind Female Entrepreneurship


Fabletics has very high ratings from their costumers

In 2013, Fabletics was established by Don Ressler, the famous Kate Hudson, and Adam Goldenberg. The business ventrure is renowned for their active spot in the expanding garment selection called “activewear.” Akin to how Amazon has approximately a 20% margin in the run of the internet clothing trend arena, Fabletics has thrived to a $250 million venture, in basically three years. The venture uses a subscriber relationship service, that presents an amazing, stimulating fashion collection of trendy garments from their internet stores, as well as, Fabletics’s physical locations.


Fabletics started their physical stores in 2015 focusing on various malls all over America. Inside of their first 12 months, Forbes magazine declared that practically 100 extra stores would be opening inside of the next five years.

Economically speaking, patrons have held the belief that shelling out a higher price for a garment is a signal representing that the garment’s quality is outstanding. Conversely, that isn’t a reasonable conviction in today’s world. A striking change in the market compelled buyers to look for clothing with high rated reviews, wholly unique items, and for store locations that guarantee that the buyer is happy with their purchase, while simultaneously spending less money.


Many physical locations have been eradicated, because the buyer chooses to go to the physical location to peruse the merchandise, but take their actual shopping to the internet to order the merchandise from a different business. Fabletics hasn’t seen this loss in their sales. Fabletics constructively takes advantage of an internet subscription market, with a enormous amount of clientele as their subscribers, who place reviews about the merchandise being of value with low pricing. Shopper’s reviews are vital for influencing likely shoppers to go into the physical Fabletics locations and buy the merchandise from Fabletics.


When a patron browses merchandise at Fabletics’s internet store, this information is useful to assure that physical Fabletics locations keep that merchandise in stock. This information permits for the physical Fabletics stores to promptly change the merchandise on display, to stay current with the hastily shifting developments in fashion. Pioneering tools are also used; for instance, scientific information derived from “heat mapping” a location, in addition to social media, to determine which Fabletics locations are of interest to the buyer.


Comparing with business’s like Amazon is certainly a challenge for the preponderance of internet based ventures. Fabletics overcomes this issue by marketing select and exclusive merchandise, using contemporary tools, scientific information and scaling their stores based on ROI data.


More than a few buyers articulate that, for the vastly low prices that they are paying for merchandise from Fabletics, the value is above what they expected. The majority of the reviews are that the value is beyond the more distinguished, competitive, costly, brand name contenders. Buyers have also articulated that the abundance of styles at Fabletics is gargantuan. This includes not only the assortment of clothing, but also the options, for example the patterns and quantity of colors.