Copa Star Bringing Modernity To The Brazillian Medical Industry

Hospital Copa Star had finally finished constructing their new hospital in Rio De Janeiro just last October. The hospital was placed on the famous Figueiredo Magalhães Street in Copacabana, and it took over 3 years to finally erect the building. The hospital contains over 21,000 square meters of floor space. Other massive hospital projects are in the works for Brasilia and Sao Paulo.

The rooms have been designed very spaciously, allowing for plenty of room for visitors and general peace of mind. Bathrooms are also private for each individual patient, and visitors also have the rights to use this bathroom. This hospital room design certainly counters the typical image of Latin American hospitals of overcrowding and neglect.

The new hospital is designed with luxury in mind. At a first glance, one may mistake it for a five start hotel. The place is well equipped with modern technology that rivals the installments of any first-world hospital. A fully equipped kitchen has been built to provide a menu of healthy and luxurious cuisine. Both visitors and patients will have 24 hour access to the kitchen, including delivery like hotel room service. This mega hospital took over 400 million Brazilian Reals in total to build. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

The hospital is rigged with their new Smart Hospitality system. This allows the patients to have a lot of self-service options that had never been seen in Brazil. The hospitality grid has the ability to connect with mobile devices such as iPads or iPhones. The patients may even use this technology platform to directly communicate with their doctors, nurses or other hospital staff. The software may also be used to adjust lighting, cooling, and the position of the beds.

The Hospital Copa Star also has plans of installing a Da Vinci robot, which is capable of handling complicated surgeries with low failure rates. It can do cardiac, gynecologic, thoracic and other general surgeries. The surgery is minimally invasive and only uses a few small incisions. The robot uses a 3D mapping system to accurately detect where incisions and corrections need to be made. The robot also has the advantage of being tinier and more flexible than the capabilities of even the most skilled human hand. The operator of the Da Vinci robot will be able to complete the surgery is a few small hand movements.

The hospital staff has been undergoing months of training to learn the ins and outs of this new luxury hospital. The emergency tests have been extremely thorough, and had even featured actors to simulate different emergency situations.

The staff will consist of about 500 members with only a small percentage being the doctors. They have strict guidelines including dress code, types of makeup or accessories permitted and mannerisms to use with the customers. Visit their profile page on Facebook