Securus Technologies: Offering Top Tier Prison Communications Services

Securus Technologies is a company that has been in the business of communication services and prison technologies since they first came into existence. The company is one of the tops regarding communications and takes pride in the broad range of services that they provide their customers with. The company underwent a massive shift when it entered into a merger with T-Netix, which was at the time one of the big corporate giants in the communications industry. The merger of the two giants proved to be hugely successful, and the companies could now stand together at the top of the industry without a worry in the world. The merged company could now set the tone for future endeavors of the firm, enabling them to get a better hold of the prison communications industry. The company is currently being headed by Rick Smith, who is someone who has spent a lot of time working in this sector and was also the person driving the merger together.


When it comes to the kind of services that Securus Technologies provides, the list goes on and on. The company tries to cover every type of prison communications platform for voice and video calls so that the prisoners can choose the platform that they like. The company has an accounting policy by which people on the outside can donate to their friends and family on the inside so that they can use the money to call them. This allows Securus Technologies to keep track of everything that they are doing, and also helps to control how much the inmates are spending at a time.


Because of the nature of their services, there is a lot of scope for misuse of services, and hence the company tries its best to monitor all of the activity that goes on between the inmates and their calls.



Securus Technologies Strives for Safety

I read with interest recent reports regarding the use of Securus Technologies products which law enforcement and corrections officers use to help make prisons safer places. They provide updated technological solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections, and monitoring issues that law enforcement deals with on a regular basis. These products can help solve crimes in prisons and make for a safer environment.

The company regularly receives comments via letters and emails that extol the virtues of the Securus systems. I was impressed that highly placed public officials who have the responsibility of maintaining order and solving crimes gave sterling reviews about Securus products. These officials have the heavy weight of responsibility to bring about the safest prison environment possible.

Company CEO Rick Smith opened my eyes to the significance of Securus when he related that they develop new products on a weekly basis that help authorities prevent and solve crimes with the criminal justice system. He also put forth that Securus receives thousands of letters and emails that acknowledge and appreciate their services. He considers it an honor that Securus is able to help protect and serve. Safety is a prime consideration for all that Securus does and provides.

One testimonial regarding the company detailed how they were able to obtain a search warrant regarding the phone calls of a corrupt employee. This person was eventually arrested for bringing in contraband.

Another positive review showed how the technology of Securus was able to detect inmate alcohol use and drug selling. This same review also detailed a conversation regarding a suspicious money transfer, violent threats, and a civilian selling prescription drugs.

Securus is headquartered in Dallas, TX. and serves over 3,000 public safety, law enforcement, and corrections agencies that house over 1.2 million inmates. They strive to make the world a safer and better place to live with their patented technology and systems.


How Securus Technologies Is Making The World of Communications Better and Stronger

Securus Technologies is a form of communications for inmates in which they’re capable of speaking with visitors via methods of videoconferencing by setting up appointments through the system. Unfortunately, there are not many convenient forms of communications available for inmates to utilize today; however, this is one that is providing them with a tremendous amount of convenience, as they can essentially set up and install the program on their device and utilize it from just about anywhere.


If you’re not sure whether the correctional facility that you want to utilize the Securus Technologies program in has had it installed/incorporated into their systems of communications just yet, it’s highly advisable for you to go to its website to see if it’s on the list of correctional facilities that have had it installed so that inmates and their visitors can utilize it. The website has been designed and engineered to provide its immediate or prospective users with ease of navigation in which they should be able to find any and everything that they need to know pertaining to the program on the website. If you or anyone that you know that is wanting to utilize the program is unsure about exactly how the program works due to not understanding the instructions or pertinent details that are on the website fully, it’s recommended for you to contact one of the website’s help desk professionals who are available to provide anyone with assistance and guidance.


Securus Technologies isn’t simply assisting its immediate users with communicating in effective and efficient means. It’s also a program that’s helping communities to become safer, as law enforcement agencies are given permission to monitor the conversations that take place between its immediate users. Should any illegal matters be discussed, they can simply send the information to the courts for investigations to begin.


You Can Save More With A Leading Inmate Provider Today

Securus Technologies is serious about their customers saving more of their hard earned money to stay connected to their love ones in a correctional facility. They provide a platform for their customers to speak to a live professional 24/7, to answer their questions or concerns. Their advanced technology gave Securus customers the opportunity to catch a few irregularities that could have resulted in higher fees. Customers spotted the irregularities and reported them to officials to prevent a telecommunications crime. They used their surveillance and monitoring to ensure the problem was immediately corrected to guarantee their customers get every minute allotted under their contract agreement.


Why Is Securus Popular Among Other Network Providers?


Thousands of people say they trust the Securus Technologies network for their high level of customer service. They have over 12,000+ IT professionals that are highly trained in customer support and resolution. Rest assured, a friendly professional is there to take your call when and where you need it. They were proud to accept the Gold Stevie Award for a superior customer service track record. There was team of over seventy-five judges that were responsible for awarding them the prestigious award. The Gold Stevie Award is the highest award that is awarded for customer service in the industry.


Securus Customer Features


Remote Visitation


Did you know that you can talk to your love ones over the internet? Securus Technologies has partnered with Vimeo to bring their customers a video chat feature that isn’t available through other networks. You get a high definition video with complete control over the sound. You can adjust the picture and the quality of the sound with a few easy to use onscreen buttons. Visit your love ones for the holidays including Christmas and eliminate the need to commute to a correctional facility.


Join Securus Technologies for your inmate calling solution today.


How Did We Use Securus During My Brother’s Prison Sentence?

Many people in our family could not make it to the jail when my brother went to jail, and we were unsure how to reach out to him. We knew we could call, and we found Securus when searching for a video calling option. We were able to see him, and this article explains how we used our account to check on him when we could not drive up.


#1: My Parent Were Driving


My parents could make it to the jail, and we could not. We were not in a good position to drive, and we felt as though we were visiting the jail when we called him. We could call at any time, and I felt good knowing I could see him even though he was so far away. We saw him on the video feed, and he could see us. It was simple, and it helped us have nice talks we needed.


#2: Signing Up And Using The App


Signing up and using the app was simple because we were using the app based on information we were given by the company. We learned how to use the app, and we knew it would be much simpler to use the app than a computer. The advancement of technology was helpful, and we felt good about the talks we had with him.


I have been on the Securus app for some time because it is the only way for me to see my brother. The app helped me when I had no idea how to reach out to my brother, and I needed to see his face to know that he was alright. We got what we needed from Securus, and I am confident than have done work no one else is capable of. They are connecting us with videos we desperately need.