Doe Deer, Color Invasion

Tired of the normal, everyday colors? Ever feel like you have vibrant inner colors that want to make their way out? Well don’t feel like you are the only one! Many people these days are letting their inner rainbow splash colors on their face, hair, and clothing. Doe Deere is one of those people. Having started her company ‘Lime Crime’ to help those who want to express themselves with vibrant colors that give lasting impressions. Dubbed the ‘Queen of Unicorns’ many have enjoyed the colors that are offered.


Born in Russia Doe Deere moved to New York with music in her heart. Even though she started with aspirations of becoming a musician Doe ended up in the beauty industry. The love of beauty products started with her first business in Russia at the tender age of 13. Temporary tattoos were something that she helped to bring about as a fun way of expression. Wearing these herself others began to get reeled in by having a great way to change up different art on their skin.


Colorful expressions, though, seem to be a big part of her life. Hair colors change often, which, seems to have given way to the colorful palette found in Lime Crime. With so many bright and beautiful colors it is hard to not be noticed when wearing these. Designed for those hard or even impossible colors to find in mind Lime Crime also prides itself on the fact no animals are used to test their products. It is hard to say this for other makeup companies.


Her love of the beautiful colors is what breathed life into her successful company, Lime Crime. Feeling, at first, that she was alone in her passions of vivacious colors it was soon apparent that many had this love as well. Soon her potential was realized which lead to her very successful endeavors in Lime Crime. With her love of the bright colors she decided to stop trying to find the impossible and instead make them. Today her love for these colors can be shared by many others who before couldn’t find what they were looking for. These colors give Doe and others the freedom to express themselves without the endless searches for the wanted colors.


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