Larkin & Lacey: Fighting Injustice

In this modern era, more people are rallying together on the internet than ever before in an explosion of advocacy groups and people coming together to increase their power and influence.

Not all groups are successful, but it is becoming increasingly more achievable to pursue your cause with effective results. This wasn’t possible just a number of years ago, and now we see many organizations thrive through the internet as well as direct political endeavors.

The Empowering Spirits Foundation is an LGBT advocacy group that is directly involved with the LGBT community. It is groups like this that help to establish true change in the world.

Their programs include housing builds, cleaning of the environment and food drives. They are active in the community and are a very successful group when it comes to changing the mindset of otherwise close-minded individuals.

By spreading their influence, they seek to ensure justice and equality for all through various programs and funds. Intolerance has been a major issue in the United States for a while, and The Empowering Spirits Foundation has sought to change the general viewpoint of the conservative side towards more acceptance.

Another very prominent advocate for all human, civil and migrant rights is the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the Co-Founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media.

They have dedicated much of their time towards the betterment of society as a whole, and have made it their mission to stop any unlawful acts by governing authorities. They realized the severity of the situation through first-hand experience.

The issue was that they were essentially targeted by law enforcement due to their report in the paper that the law was after their articles and notes. They even went further to request and seize personal documentation, IP addresses, and personal browsing history on the web.

What is more shocking is that in the middle of the night they were apprehended and taken into two separate buildings for interrogation. They were swiftly released and were to receive a three million dollar settlement on the matter.

This fund was rightfully and nobly funneled into what would later become known as the Frontera Fund. This mind-boggling unconstitutional crime resulted in the greater good for the two, and continues to fund organizations against governments who abuse their power blatantly. Through this fund, they have pooled resources into many foundations and organizations. Regarding their paper, Larkin is responsible for the advertising, whereas Lacey is the executive director.

Together they seized this opportunity of injustice to effectively make a positive impact on the growing problem of abuse of the law by authority. Indeed, we see an increase in similar cases throughout the United States, and the Frontera Fund seeks to reform the laws to ensure that they are properly respected.

Abuse of power can have serious ramifications. In this case, a three million dollar one. Through this wise move, they have been successful in promoting true change in the US government.

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