Stem Cell Treatments at The Lung Insitute

Our breaths can be easily taken for granted until we have a health issue and realize just how important and how needed those breaths are. For many people breathing can be a daily challenge because of conditions such as emphysema, cystic fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, COPD and much more. There is some great advancement in medicine that provides medication and treatments for these patients but still, these conditions can lead to diminished lung function over time and reduce a person’s life expectancy. The Lung Institute has been utilizing a very promising procedure for a while now and patients have seen improved lung function thanks to this treatment. Called a lung stem cell treatment, a person’s own stem cells are utilized in the lungs to promote healing and cell growth. Previously irreversible damage can now be improved upon and people can experience better quality of life.

The Process

A lung stem cell treatment is actually a relatively simple concept. Stem cells are removed from a person’s body by way of bone marrow or blood. The stem cells are separated from the rest of the product and then returned into the patient’s blood supply. The heart will pump those stem cells right through the heart and to the lungs. It is automatic that the body traps these stem cells in the lungs and then the healing can begin. While not permanent, this procedure can greatly improve current lung function and it can be repeated if necessary.


Of course, certain patients are far better candidates for a lung stem cell treatment than others. Also, results are not guaranteed. The staff at The Lung Institute ( is very experienced when it comes to this procedure and patients are given the best chances of a beneficial outcome as possible. Research is continuously being done to improve the procedure as well as develop other treatment options for people with chronic lung conditions.

The Lung Institute and other facilities across the country such as Cedars-Sinai are using lung stem cell treatments for many of their patients to help improve overall lung function, improve overall quality of life and also to extend a person’s life expectancy. Previously, a patient would reach a point where nothing else could be done but thanks to ongoing research, this procedure and others are helping bring hope and healing to many people all across the world. For more info, please visit