FreedomPop Has So Many Amazing Wireless Plans That Are Favored By Their Customers

There are several wireless companies that feel intimidated by FreedomPop because they are changing the face of wireless companies everywhere. FreedomPop proves that a wireless company can offer low-priced services as well as free services and still stay in business. Even when a customer decides to get the free cell phone service that is advertised in a FreedomPop review, they may not stick with it very long because they realize that the other services offered by FreedomPop are even better and don’t cost much more money. With paid services costing as low as $10.99, many make the switch to FreedomPop with ease.


The free cell phone service that FreedomPop is currently offering is available to any user for up to a year before they have to start paying the fee of $10.99. If a user chooses to switch plans before the year is up, then they can go to the unlimited plan for the same price, which has unlimited talk and text and will include 500 MB of data. There is also lower priced plan, which is the Wi-Fi service plan for $5.

For the $5 monthly fee, calls, texts, and data can be used on a smartphone with the FreedomPop Wi-Fi service, and all of the services are completely unlimited. The next service plan that’s the most popular is the unlimited everything plan for only $19.99. With typical wireless services charging $50 or more for the same plan, FreedomPop is able to give the plan to customers for under $20 per month.


Even those who have the need for Internet services will find themselves happy being a FreedomPop customer because there are low-cost services, such as the portable hotspots with free data each month as well as the FreedomPop Hub, which also comes with free data. The FreedomPop Hub is a home Internet modem that comes with 1 GB of free data, and in some cases, a user can get more free data each month. The hotspots, as well as the FreedomPop Hub, requires a plan that must be chosen in order to keep the services going once the free data is depleted.