FreedomPop – a Great Alternative

For people who use the internet for occasional or light use, there is a great alternative that is free. That’s right. Free for one year. It is called FreedomPop and not only does it provide free internet service, but also free cell phone service.


After the first year of free service, a $10.99 monthly charge kicks in. However, there are no contracts, commitments, or cancellation fees. Service can be terminated at any time for any reason. The free plan provides 500MB of data service which limits the user streaming music or watching YouTube videos.


For many users, this is all they need to check email and browse Facebook.

If users happen to exceed the 500MB of data, there is a small charge. As users reach the last 100MB limit,


FreedomPop will automatically charge users a $10.00 fee to “top up” your plan. Users are notified via email about the impending charge, and they can opt-out of the charge. All of this can easily be done on the FreedomPop website.


Users also have the option to increase their plan by paying an additional fee. Presently, there are three options available.


One option is to pay $0.02 for each additional MB of data used. Unfortunately, if the user has turned off the $10.00 top off fee, this option can be costly.


Another option is Freedom Friends. Users are encouraged to invite friends and family to join FreedomPop. For every signup, users receive an additional 10 MB of data per month.


The third plan involves taking surveys and downloading software to earn additional free data. The surveys and downloads come from such sources as Netflix, FreeCreditReport, online games, and newsletters.


FreedomPop accesses over 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots across the United States. However, it is limited in more remote areas. The additional plans also require close scrutiny of data usage.


Regardless of which option consumers choose, FreedomPop provides internet and cell phone service that is affordable for users looking to reduce their monthly bill. It is definitely worth checking out.