Rubica ransomware is in security you can trust

Governments, companies, and individuals are starting to see more and more damage caused by cyber attacks. May 2017 is a great example. The attacks came to be called the Wanna cry attacks. The cyber attack later came to be known as the biggest cyber attack of its kind. The organizations had to quickly respond to the attacks by gaining strict cyber security.

Each year ransomware attacks are increasing. The cost of cyber crimes done between 2013-2015 is said to of quadrupled. It is estimated that the cost of cyber threats will probably rise to $6 trillion by 2021. Politicians are some of the main people being attacked by cyber attacks. It is projected that the cost of cyber attacks on medical devices will be $101 billion by 2018. There is a huge struggle between the need for cyber security and the amount of limited funding. In hopes, a lot more organizations, companies, government, and departments will realize how important it is to have cyber security.


With Rubica they are able to provide you protection against ransomware. Their team makes it hard for criminals to collect your personal information. Rubica is one company you can trust in 100%.