Pirates Passion and Perserverence Takes Them to Nationals

Orange County College is a community college in Orange County, California serving 25,000 undergraduate students. The College offers two-year arts and science degrees that can be used to transfer to four-year universities, as well as certificates for various skills and trades.

Orange County College is located Costa Mesa. Costa Mesa is very closed to Southern California’s many beautiful beaches.

The College was founded in 1947 as a need arose for a junior college to California’s four-year universities. Now, the College has grown to offer 135 academic and career programs. Their motto is “We’ll help you get there.” The College is expanding with new construction. They currently offer the latest technology, updated facilities, and minimum wage jobs.

Orange College Pirates are holding their own on the water. The College’s rowers are competing for their 12th national title. The eight-man crew propels their 60-foot long boat 25 miles per hour across whatever body of water they find themselves practicing on.

Rowing is a graceful sport. Rowers need perseverance and amazing strength to compete. What is most important, though, is that the eight rowers are rowing in unison. The Orange County College rowers seem to have all of these qualities. They are competing at Nationals in May 2017 against four-year universities.

There are some noticeable differences in terms of the resources that four-year and two-year schools have. Four-year universities are larger, and therefore, have a larger pick of students to choose rowers from.

Four-year universities also generally have a higher budget for student programs. Despite this, the Orange College rowers have proven themselves to have the passion and perseverance to compete with the best in the country.

Perhaps their skill is due to California’s plentiful picturesque beaches for the Pirates to practice on. Or perhaps the Pirates have found a special chemistry with one another which allows them to perform at high levels.

This chemistry is very important when there are only 8 people and a 60-foot long boat against the water. Probably, their profound success is a combination of both.