Brad Reifler: Financial Services Expert And Serial Entrepreneur


Brad Reifler, Forefront Capital’s founder and CEO, is a serial entrepreneur. Not only is he also founder and CEO of Pali Capital and started Reifler Trading Company, he’s also the Sino Mercury Company’s director. Reifler was also director of Foresight Research Solutions, European American Investment Bank and Genesis Securities. You could say Brad Reifler is a busy man. A man busy gaining deep insights and valuable experience in the financial service industry. Reifler was also a star trader for Refco, Inc., the world’s largest futures company.


When Reifler started Reifler Trading Company in the 1980s, he was just beginning his career in finance. Soon the company was managing discretionary accounts which contained several hundred million dollars. Eventually RTC began offering companies worldwide institutional research and information dissemination as well as derivative advisory and execution. The company became a major player when it came to independent futures operations. He also established himself as a globally trusted financial services professional. In 2000 Reifler sold RTC to Refco.


Brad Reifler also created the sell side broker dealer Pali Capital. The company focused on the equity markets. Reifler was able to create a differentiated strategy which enabled him to capture the global expansion in hedge funds. His role wasn’t to tell funds what to buy and sell. Instead, he combined their ideas with derivative structures and credit analysis and instructed sales traders in methods of articulating and executing the packaged strategy.


In 2009 Reifler founded New York City based Forefront Capital and became director and CEO. The company has several subsidiaries including Forefront Partners and Forefront Advisory, LLC. Reifler and his team of top investment bankers and registered investment advisers have over 30 years experience on Wall Street have attracted many influential and highly respected Fortune 100 and 500 business leaders to the company by offering unique opportunities for collaboration. Brad Reifler also recently created a world-class recreation facility and equestrian estate called Sky Blue Farm. Learn more about it on his Buzzfeed page where Brad writes about life and business.