What Paul Mampilly Thinks About Investments?

     Paul Mampilly is the founder Profits Unlimited Company. He resides in Durham, went to Fordham University where he was awarded an MBA. After school 1991 he started at Wall Street as an assistant portfolio manager. After that, he has been working on various platforms. He started as an author and analyst at Stansberry Research, as an author and analyst of FDA trader and investment director at Agora Financial Company. He also worked with Palm Beach Group as Author and Analyst and as senior portfolio manager at Kinetics Asset Management. After passing through all these companies, Paul had over 20 years of experience; he was now able to start and manage his own.

His company has based on equipping the normal investor to make their money. Profits Unlimited is a company that prints newsletters to the people regularly. The newsletters contain information on how to invest, earn and run their money. It not only gives the people tips but also introduces them to the investment world to the individuals with a better impression of where to invest their money. Paul says he got his idea from where he was currently working. At the Wall Street, he thought the company was not giving enough information to the people. This is why he started his own; he is sure that many people can now say the newsletters he prints have helped them.

He knows that this is made possible by the fact that his researchers are provided to the general public at an affordable price. Paul activates his idea by carefully going through the plans and having a thorough research on the same, with help from his esteemed team. He says it takes up to 30 hours of straight work before he can print a research. He says putting himself in their shoes helps him the most. He then translates the information into a simple language that all his readers can relate to, something other companies have looked down upon. He acknowledges that his readers have different abilities. He believes his productivity comes from constant tracking of stocks and the fact that he never leaves any information pass him. Paul says everybody can make it; they just don’t get the right ideas.

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