Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Brand Changes Makeup Color Wheel Forever

For several decades, women seemed to wear makeup like a uniform, choosing from safe colors that spelled tradition and properness.


Let’s be honest; makeup was beige and boring, until Doe Deere came along. The young CEO and founder of Lime Crime makeup has truly revolutionized the way women see themselves when it comes to makeup. She has broken all the beauty rules, and fans around the world have taken notice.


The Russian-born businesswoman sat down to talk makeup with She expressed her love of e-commerce and how Lime Crime was one of the first new beauty companies to venture into the world of selling cosmetics online. That in itself isn’t easy, because makeup accuracy hasn’t always been available for seeing the exact shades you wanted to purchase from a computer screen. Sure, there were the typical swatches shown online that were swiped on a blank piece of paper or crushed in a similar manner. You can’t tell much about a makeup item’s true depth of color this way.


Doe Deere became an e-commerce beauty pioneer by creating the “on-lip” lipstick swatch, for example. This way, a buyer is looking at the lipstick color shown on the actual lips. This genius improvement makes a huge difference when it comes to buying cosmetics online.


Lime Crime is modern makeup for young women and men, too, who enjoy making a statement. The color palettes feature a wide range of crazy-a** lipstick shades in liquid to matte formulas like Cement, Squash, Alien Green Peacock Blue and so forth. The pigments are deep and gorgeous and go far, far beyond the rainbow, boys and girls.


Doe Deere wants her global fans to enjoy makeup, like a fashion accessory. It doesn’t have to be stale, stiff and boring. Cosmetics should be fun, wild, sexy and a bit naughty. Unique shades for eye shadows and lipsticks allow the wearer to experiment with their personal definition of what’s beautiful.


Apparently, Doe Deere’s idea of bold, beautiful cosmetics are a big deal on social media, too. On Lime Crime’s Instagram page alone, there are more than 2.4 million followers and counting. Doe Deere likes engaging with her makeup addicted fans, and both inspire each other for on-trend looks and new makeup items to hit the street.


To see the crazy radical makeup colors that define Doe Deere’s Lime Crime, check out their shopping website here.