CEO Gregory Aziz Is Leading The Way For National Steel Car

As National Steel Car is getting ready to dominate yet another century, Gregory J Aziz is a leader who has a vision for the future that aligns with the core values of the company. Chairman Gregory J Aziz is that man, recognizing that National Steel Car has been doing something right for the last 100 years, and is working with his 2,000 employees to exceed the expectations of the railroad industry and clients alike. National Steel Car is a world-renowned maker of freight rail-cars, and since 1912 this company has been poised to stay at the top of this market through prosperous and down climates. Find More Information Here.


To be able to succeed for as long as National Steel Car has, Gregory J Aziz says it all comes down to his employees work ethics. The employees of National Steel Car are not simply cashing a check each week, they are working tirelessly to raise the bar in the industry for themselves and other companies too. By exceeding the goals of yesterday, the team at National Steel Car feel they can not only dominate the market, they can make it better for every in this space. Must be the reason the company has been able to secure the TTX SECO award for excellence for so many years in a row.


When Greg Aziz was asked to talk about the way his employees approach their day, it was clear that everyone that works at the company is all on the same page. The employees at National Steel Car are comfortable being in the lead, a role they cherish and take pride in. The team has a drive to move forward that helps them to raise the bar and clear the bar so often. At the core of the company, everyone from president to employee is focused on pride in workmanship and excellence. Last, everyone recognizes that they need to honor all those traditions of the past in order to sustain in the future.


National Steel Car would not be where it is today without their efforts to give back. Aziz says by giving back, it helps to improve his community, surrounding communities, and the world as a whole. The company started by helping organizations in Ontario, but realized they needed help if they were going to make a difference on a global scale. To do this, National Steel Car needed to team up with the Salvation Army, local charitable organizations, and even the United Way.


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