Gregory Aziz and Engineering Strength

Gregory James Aziz works as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a prominent company that’s called “National Steel Car.” National Steel Car Limited is a business that’s been a big force in the manufacturing and engineering worlds for more than a century now. It’s located in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada.


Gregory J. Aziz is more than the company’s CEO. He’s also its proud and devoted President and Chairman. He comes from London, Ontario and was born in the community in April of 1949. He studied at Ridley College and then moved on to the University of Western Ontario. He learned a lot about economics there. That was his major choice. He became part of a wholesale food company not long after completing his studies. This business was run by his family members and was known as “Affiliate Foods.” Greg James Aziz secured an Affiliate Foods position in 1971. He helped the company become a major success as well. Affiliate Foods expanded significantly over the course of 16 years or so. It developed into a global importer that focused on fresh foods of all kinds. These foods originated in diverse locations such as South America, Central America and Europe. They were sent to grocery stores all over North America, too.


Greg Aziz is an individual who knows a lot about fresh food. He’s also someone who has substantial investment banking expertise. He managed a number of investment banking projects located in New York, New York toward the end of the eighties and during the beginning of the nineties. That’s part of the reason he was able to handle the acquisition of National Steel Car back in 1994. He bought the company from one that was known as “Dofasco.” Greg Aziz’s primary aim was to showcase the National Steel Car team’s impressive teamwork and engineering skills. It was to take those things to the next level as well. Find More Information Here.

National Steel Car is a company that’s enthusiastic about its neighborhood. It stresses the value of Hamilton and its citizens. The business has been a sponsor for the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, the Salvation Army and United Way among others. It puts together a yearly Christmas gathering that embraces seemingly countless guests. These include individuals who work for National Steel Car at the moment. They also include those were part of the company before.


Gregory James Aziz is happily married to a lady named Irene.


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