Sawyer Howitt- A young business leader

For one to succeed in business leadership, training, experience and willingness to succeed are very crucial. One person who has learned this very early in his life is entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt. While still in high school, Sawyer Howitt joined his father’s business, Meriwether Group so that he could learn, get experience and knowledge on how to successfully run a business establishment. His father is David Howitt, the CEO of Meriwether Group. Meriwether group is a product development consulting company. Sawyer joint the firm in the project management department. He has gone ahead to be appointed the project manager for the group.

One of his success has been helping RFID Checkpoint as the business strategy analyst. He has also worked in the customer service department of KURE juice, where he familiarized himself with the basics of building a good customer service approach. Sawyer Howitt believes that emphasis needs to be put in coming up with strategies that will attract and retain customers.

Sawyer Howitt hopes that he will one day start his company. Sawyer Howitt started working in the business sector while still in high school. He was an intern in various companies while still in high school. Sawyer has learned a lot on how to develop complex spreadsheets, taking notes, presentations and filing reports. He remains keen to learn the operational and financial aspects of a business fully. It is for this reason that he has gone to the university to study entrepreneurial finance.

Sawyer Howitt hopes to be a successful entrepreneur just like his father. Sawyer has been helping startups come up with working business strategies that will enable them to grow. Meriwether is a product development company.

Sawyer Howitt is also a dedicated philanthropist. He supports causes that fight for women rights as well as business youth mentorship programs. He is part of various charitable organizations that operate locally and internationally.

Sawyer as a team leader at Meriwether has exhibited a great commitment to working. He has strong interpersonal skills that enable him to interact well with the people working for the company. He is determined to making it in life and has demonstrated this by the efforts that he puts in his work and studies. Unlike many young people in his age bracket, Sawyer Howitt has established himself as a focused business leader ready to achieve greatness in life. his dream is that very soon he will be running a business of his own.ttps://