Securus Technologies: Offering Top Tier Prison Communications Services

Securus Technologies is a company that has been in the business of communication services and prison technologies since they first came into existence. The company is one of the tops regarding communications and takes pride in the broad range of services that they provide their customers with. The company underwent a massive shift when it entered into a merger with T-Netix, which was at the time one of the big corporate giants in the communications industry. The merger of the two giants proved to be hugely successful, and the companies could now stand together at the top of the industry without a worry in the world. The merged company could now set the tone for future endeavors of the firm, enabling them to get a better hold of the prison communications industry. The company is currently being headed by Rick Smith, who is someone who has spent a lot of time working in this sector and was also the person driving the merger together.


When it comes to the kind of services that Securus Technologies provides, the list goes on and on. The company tries to cover every type of prison communications platform for voice and video calls so that the prisoners can choose the platform that they like. The company has an accounting policy by which people on the outside can donate to their friends and family on the inside so that they can use the money to call them. This allows Securus Technologies to keep track of everything that they are doing, and also helps to control how much the inmates are spending at a time.


Because of the nature of their services, there is a lot of scope for misuse of services, and hence the company tries its best to monitor all of the activity that goes on between the inmates and their calls.