Securus Technologies Strives for Safety

I read with interest recent reports regarding the use of Securus Technologies products which law enforcement and corrections officers use to help make prisons safer places. They provide updated technological solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections, and monitoring issues that law enforcement deals with on a regular basis. These products can help solve crimes in prisons and make for a safer environment.

The company regularly receives comments via letters and emails that extol the virtues of the Securus systems. I was impressed that highly placed public officials who have the responsibility of maintaining order and solving crimes gave sterling reviews about Securus products. These officials have the heavy weight of responsibility to bring about the safest prison environment possible.

Company CEO Rick Smith opened my eyes to the significance of Securus when he related that they develop new products on a weekly basis that help authorities prevent and solve crimes with the criminal justice system. He also put forth that Securus receives thousands of letters and emails that acknowledge and appreciate their services. He considers it an honor that Securus is able to help protect and serve. Safety is a prime consideration for all that Securus does and provides.

One testimonial regarding the company detailed how they were able to obtain a search warrant regarding the phone calls of a corrupt employee. This person was eventually arrested for bringing in contraband.

Another positive review showed how the technology of Securus was able to detect inmate alcohol use and drug selling. This same review also detailed a conversation regarding a suspicious money transfer, violent threats, and a civilian selling prescription drugs.

Securus is headquartered in Dallas, TX. and serves over 3,000 public safety, law enforcement, and corrections agencies that house over 1.2 million inmates. They strive to make the world a safer and better place to live with their patented technology and systems.


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  1. Certainly this company has done much more than one could possibly say. I have had to use their video visition and indeed, it is awesome. While expressing optimism, buy pre written essays believed that with introduction of monitoring call, crimes would continue to reduce and order continue to be in the prison.

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